The Dangler Guys

Manufacturing done right!

Manufacturing done right!

Manufacturing done right!Manufacturing done right!

Our top 10 most frequently asked questions

1. Am I using the correct length inside the barrel?

The rule of thumb is you want one third dangler on each side of the barrel with one-third open in the middle. 

2. Do you make custom sizes?

Every dangler we make is custom to each plating application. We can make you any length and style that works best for you. 

3. Am I using the correct coating for the parts that I am using?

The reason TDG makes so many different styles of danglers is we want to make you the dangler that is going to get the most life and be the most cost effective. Finding the correct cable for your application is the most important to us. 

4. Why would I be experiencing arcing?

 Most arcing when referring to a dangler is an interruption of current with the dangler. We make different length steel ends as well as brass ends. We can make more surface area with the parts limiting your arcing issues. 

5. The three other Dangler manufacturers only carry one style of dangler?

We specialize in manufacturing custom danglers, this is our main business and strive to have the most products on the market. 

6. Do The Dangler Guys have different varieties of Danglers?

The Dangler Guys have a variety of selection of Dangler’s to fit every plater’s need and price, for higher quality and competitive pricing. 

7. Why do you have such a variety of different Dangler’s?

Depending on your application, we can make you the correct cable for your application. 

8. Why do you seal the coating under the steelhead?

Our danglers are sealed under the head so you have no spotting problems. 

9. Why do you use high-quality products to build the cables?

All of our products are the best we can buy, we spare no expense when it comes to our materials. This makes a better dangler and holds up longer. 

10. How do you stay so price competitive in the market?

We buy our material in large volumes. This allows us to drive our costs down and continue to be competitive for our consumers.